Answers to common questions about our tile and slate roofing services.

How much will it cost to have a new slate roof?

We are really sorry but we can’t give you a price until we assess your property. If you would like to give us a call, we can discuss what your full requirements are and book you in to get a free no obligation quote.

How long will my slate roof last for?

Because slate is a natural material that is durable, it will last for a very long time. We think somewhere in between 40-50 years. But in some cases, some of the slate tiles may have to be replaced sooner than this if they get broken.

What areas do you operate in?

We operate all around the West Yorkshire area. Having said that, if you live further a field still contact us as we may still be able to accommodate you.

My soffits and fascias are looking a bit old and worn. Can you replace these?

Yes, we would be happy to replace these for you. In some cases, they may only need sanding down and re-painting. You could book an appointment for us to come and take a look so we can advise you on what would work best.

How long will it take to install a new roof on a normal size, mid terrace house?

It could take up to three days to install a new roof but it really does depend on what is required. We would like to take a look at your property so we can give you an exact time frame so please contact us today to book an appointment.

If my roof is leaking, do I need to have it all replaced?

No, not necessarily. It may be that you have a broken tile that is letting rain water get in. We can come and assess your roof and let you know what is required. We offer a roof repair service as well as installing new roofing systems.

Can I make repairs to my roof myself?

We really wouldn’t recommend this. We do think that you should leave it to expert roof fitters like ourselves that know exactly what they are doing, have the proper equipment and also the materials needed to repair the roof.

What happens if it is raining on the day of installation?

No, we cannot always install a new roof if it is raining. We will always keep an eye on the weather forecast and will let you know if the project has to be delayed for a day or two.

Do you install new roofing on both domestic and commercial properties?

Yes, we do. We can install slate and tiles on any property no matter how large or small the project is.