Slate roofs are another interesting option. Slate roofs are quite traditional, as they represented the primary material during Victorian times. So, it makes perfect sense that many homeowners throughout the United Kingdom prefer to use this stone if they are looking to mirror a more historic flavour. Slate is also commonly employed during repair work on older structures, as it is possible to match their colours and textures with existing roofs.

Much of the appeal associated with slate roofs involves their natural beauty. This stone is cut directly from a quarry, so no two pieces are ever alike. This will provide any roof with a bespoke appeal that might be difficult to achieve when using other methods.

Of course, slate is an extremely durable material. Experts claim that it can last up to 150 years if cared for properly. In terms of a return on investment, slate is always a wise choice. There are even instances when a slate roof can outlast the underlying building!

Slate Roofing Essex

Some consumers will likewise choose slate for its environmentally friendly benefits. As this is a completely natural stone, it is a “green” alternative to other substances. Slate will also not emit substances known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs); sometimes a concern when working with artificially engineered materials.

A final advantage of slate involves the sheer beauty that it can add to a property. It is available in a milieu of tones and grains, so its appeal is nearly unparalleled. Slate can help add to the resale value of a home; a factor not to be taken lightly within today’s fickle marketplace. We are pleased to offer many different options for a slate roof and more information can be obtained by contacting our team directly.